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5 Reasons to Visit Armenia

  • Yerevan, Armenia

It’s time to plan your next vacation and you still cannot decide which way to go. Thinking about Spain, France, Italy…. Armenia wouldn’t be among your options, YET! Armenia is an ideal variant of spending vacation alone or with family. It offers a sunny climate and is one of the safest countries in the world.

Check out our 5 reasons why Armenia is worth visiting.

1.    Explore World’s First Christian Country

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Armenia was the first Christian country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 a.d. But Christianity was introduced into Armenia even much earlier *1st century) by two apostles of Christ, that is why that nowadays Armenian church is called Apostolic church. Christianity in Armenia was adopted during the reign of king Trdat the 3rd. Gregory the Illuminator became the first Catholicons of Armenian Christian Apostolic church. 

2.    Enjoy the look of Biblical Ararat mountain

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Ararat is the symbol of symbols for all Armenians despite the fact that now officially it is not located in the territory of Armenia. According to the Bible, Noah’s Ark stopped at this mountain after the World Flood. After the water of the flood had completely gone, Noah came down and settled in the Ararat valley. That’s why Armenians have such respect to this Biblical Mount, and the climbing to it is considered a pilgrimage to the holy places. 

3.    Take the longest cable car in the world

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Get to one of the most magnificent cultural monuments of Armenian medieval architecture – Tatev monastery by a ropeway, which was constructed in 2010; It is the longest revisable aerial tramway (5,7km) recorded in Guinness World Book. You will have 14 minutes journey 320 m. above the picturesque gorge of Vorotan River.

4.    Taste the most delicious water in the world

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We can truly say that water is a visit card of Armenia. It is considered to be the sweetest water in the world. The secret is that it comes from pure natural sources. Only in Armenia, in every corner you can find fountains of drinkable water so everyone can drink clean, cold fresh water free of charge. Only 2750 fountains were built in honor of 2750 anniversary of Yerevan. 

5.    Feel real Armenian hospitality

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«A guest is a gift from God» Armenians like to say. Don't be surprised that during your trips in Armenia strangers will invite you their houses and treat you to various dishes and sweets. In the result you will have many good friends who will wait for your next visit with great pleasure.