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Transfer from Yerevan to Tbilisi or from Tbilisi to Yerevan. Time and weather permit, our driver will take you to sightseeing places close to the road. Please have in mind that the trip normally takes 5 hours without visiting sightseeing places.

Tour Duration
4-5 hours Your Guide to Authentic Armenian Tours and Transfers Since 2002. At, we've been dedicated to providing top-quality tour organization, transfer, and hotel booking services to visitors of Armenia since 2002. Our tours aren't just a cookie-cutter itinerary of the most popular tourist attractions – we're passionate about creating unique experiences that showcase the best of Armenian culture and nature.

A tour of Lake Sevan and Tsaghkadzor offers a wonderful opportunity to explore two of Armenia's most beautiful and historically significant destinations. Here are some of the highlights of this tour:

Tour Duration
4-5 hours

Haghpat Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the northern Lori region of Armenia.

Distance from Yerevan
175km, N

Sanahin Monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the northern region of Lori in Armenia. This ancient monastic complex is a remarkable example of Armenian medieval architecture, dating back to the 10th century.

Distance from Yerevan
165, N

The Tatev Ropeway is an impressive aerial tramway located in the beautiful country of Armenia. This engineering marvel is the longest reversible cable car in the world, measuring 5.7 kilometers in length and spanning across the spectacular Vorotan River Gorge.

Distance from Yerevan
256, SW
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