Milad Tower

Places to see in Tehran

The Borj e Milād or Milad Tower is also popular as the Tehran Tower. It is a multipurpose tower located in  Tehran, the capital of Iran. It is the sixth tower by its height and 17th freestanding structure in the world.

Situated between the Qarb Town and Gisha District, the tower has 435m height. The head of the tower is a large pod with twelve floors. The roof is at 315m.

Actually the Milad tower is a part of the International Trade and Convention Center of Tehran. The complex also has a five-star hotel, a world trade center, an IT park and a convention center.

The Milad tower, being the tallest in Iran, consists of five parts; the foundation, lobby, shaft, head structure and the antenna mast. The lobby structure has six floors. Here you will find trade units, food courts, a cafeteria and a commercial products exhibition.

Six elevators work in the shaft to take the visitors to the head of the tower. 

The head is made from steel and weighs 25.000 tones. The head of the tower suggests a cafeteria, an open observation desk, a public art gallery, a VIP restaurant, telecommunication and mechanical floors and a sky dome.

Center, Tehran, Iran