Grand Bazaar

Places to visit in Tehran, Iran

This is an old historical market in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It is situated at the Arg Square of Southern Iran. The market is divided into several corridors which long for 10km. Each of them is specialized in various types of goods and has a few entrances. The main entrance is Sabze Meydan.

Except for shops, in the Grand Bazaar you will find banks, guest houses and mosques. The market has an access to Tehran metro from Khayam Metro Station.

Today's bazaar is most related to the 19th century history, but its roots go much deeper in history.

It is not a coincidence that many serious issues have been discussed here. As the most influential class of Iran and wealthy people of country are here. The Grand Bazaar is a historic site, but also expansive and dizzying. It is so easy to get lost in these labyrinthine covered alleys. Those accustomed to Turkish or Arabic markets, will get disappointed here. As the frenzied atmosphere is not everybody's piece of pie.

Here you can find a lot of eateries and teahouses for a moment's respite. Moreover, here you can buy everything started from spices and everything in between finished with carpets and jewelry.

District 12, Tehran, Iran