Bekhradi House

Places to see in Isfahan, Iran

Being the first and only Safavid historic house, the Bekhradi’s Historical House in Isfahan was restored and used in Iran as a traditional residence started 2005. It was constructed in the 17th century.

Those, who are looking for a comfort hotel accompanied with privacy and the feeling of a home in Isfahan, Iran, the renovated and modified Bekhradi House is a fantastic solution. Your visit here will turn into a memorable stay in a museum-like the house. Each guest room here is designed individually and has a unique historical character implied with modern features.

This building is registered in the List of National Valued Historical Buildings in Iran. The house is situated in northeast Isfahan, Sonbolestan.

Currently, the Historical House of Bekhradi is located in the west part of the Jamilan Palace built in the middle of a large garden during 11-12th century.

In 1999, Mr. Bekhradi purchased the house and completely restored and remodeled it. Being an expert in the field of interior design and restoration of historical monuments, he was able to give a new life to the old and burnt-down building.

He has focused his attention mainly on the house back restoration taking into consideration the practicalities and functionalities of a 21st-century house.

No. 56 Sonbolestan Alley St Shohada Sq
Isfahan Province, Isfahan, Iran