Iran is one of those countries in the Middle East which should be visited by all means. 

It has many historical monuments and enormous mansions that any tourist will enjoy regardless of their cultural interests.  For instance, historical houses in Kashan give an idea of luxury in Iran in Qajar era.

Of special interest is the Shaking Minaret in the abandoned village Khanrnaq. The minaret got this name not without a reason. The constructional material, i.e. mud bricks and wooden elements really make it shaking. It is eye-catching that you can reach the top of the minaret and shake it.

Mountain lovers will find something interesting here too. Alamut Valley and the Castles of the Assassins will amaze them with their spectacular and breathtaking views.

In Iran you will be able to visit the largest bazaar of the world. My speech is about the bazaar of Tabriz. Here you can buy world-wide known Persian carpets, jewelry, spices and so on.

In 1930s French archeologists discovered and excavated the ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire. The well-preserved ruins were buried under sand until the discovery. It generated interest for tourists as well.

Another splendid place to visit in Iran is the tomb of the poet Hafez located in the city of Shiraz. Hafez was loved and celebrated in Iran for his poetry. And it is not a coincidence that Iran once was known as a country of prose and poetry. It was interesting to see the reaction of people when they visited the tomb of the poet. It was like they were visiting a shrine of a saint.

Iran is a country that is worth to pay a visit. The best seasons to visit there are spring and autumn.